Aftercare Information

Please ensure you read through the following aftercare information. We will also email you a copy so you have it to hand after your tattoo.

Your tattoo was carefully created by a professional. to ensure the highest quality tattoo, please follow these aftercare instructions clearly. The healing process is incredibly important to ensure maximum results, so to avoid any error on your part we have listed the process for your ease. 

- If clingfilm has been used, remove the dressing in approximately 2 hours. If a sticky film was used, remove the dressing in 2-5 days (your artist will what length of time is best for your style of tattoo). Wash the tattoo thoroughly with warm soapy water to remove all excess ink, blood and plasma. Ensure the soap is gentle and fragrance free.

- Leave the tattoo to air dry full. Do not dry the tattoo with a towel for the first few days while it's still an open wound as you want to minimise the risk of any bacteria near your tattoo to avoid any chance of infection. Do not apply any cream to the tattoo on the day you got the tattoo.

- From the second day, wait 1-2 hours for your tattoo to fully dry before applying any cream to avoid trapping moisture in the tattoo. Using clean hands, apply a very thin layer of cream. We recommend using Underdog Tattoo Balm, but you can alternatively use coconut oil or cocoa butter if you know your skin is okay with them. Make sure they are new and unused. Do not overcream the tattoo, be sure it is just a very thin layer. We do not recommend using Bepanthen as it's very thick and greasy and can suffocate the tattoo, not allowing the skin to breathe. 

- Repeat the process of cleaning and creaming your tattoo twice a day, unless instructed otherwise by your tattoo artist, always ensuring your hands are clean. Your tattoo will start to flake and itch after a few days. This is totally normal and you can keep applying a thin layer of cream. Do not pick or scratch the tattoo. 

- Do not soak your tattoo in the bath or swimming pools etc for at least two weeks due to the risk of infection and ink loss. You also need to ensure you keep it out of the sun for at least two weeks until it is fully healed, and once healed we strongly recommend you continue using a high factor suncream to keep your tattoo looking fresh, crisp and bright.

- If you use fake tan, avoid scrubbing tan off the area or reapplying tan to the area for at least 2 week, until the tattoo is fully healed. If you use sunbeds, do not use them for four weeks after your tattoo due to the high risk of skin damage and ink loss.


Follow these instructions unless otherwise instructed by your tattoo artist. Any deviance from our suggested healing method may lead to imperfections in the tattoo once healed which will require a touch up at your own expense. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your artist or the studio. Thank you for visiting Hobo Jack Tattoo, enjoy your new tattoo!